The brand was founded in 2018 by Vasu Mittal with a vision to gift extraordinary supplements to deliver the results people deserve.

To respect their sweat equity.

Vasu recognised the need for authentic supplements in country when a counterfeit product was delivered to him which he had ordered online. Before he could figure it out, it was too late for him and he suffered from severe acne, upset stomach and unfavourable body condition. Later finding out, 70% of the supplements sold in India are fake and unapproved.

The incident ate his heart out and at the same time filled him with great desire to bring a change.

His mind was breeding greatness.

The pieces started to come together.

He was unstoppable to create, refine and master.

And we were born.

To truly revolutionise this industry.

We created every formulation step by step from scratch. Full transparency labelling, efficacious serving sizes, used only the cleanest ingredients verified to be both safe and effective. Our team spent months, if not years, perfecting the taste and testing formulations to ensure real results. We built everything with intention, never compromising on quality and effectiveness.

True intention impacted an outcome.

The seeds planted during the winter started seeing the fruits of our labour.

And we became a force that couldn't be stopped.


This is more than an organisation.

More than a brand.

It's a community of like minded individuals where we push limits and BECOME THE CHANGE.

Welcome to the family.